Woodland Collection

I created this woodland collection based on my love of the colours and textures of nature.

The collection comprises a series of hand embroidered panels, each measuring 300mm x 230mmm.

The background fabric has been oven-dyed with coffee and stretched over canvas blocks

Gnarled Tree: Yarns stitched over cords and infilled with hand embroidery.
Autumn Days: “Fence” made by painting fabric and adding dyed and distressed muslins. Genuine dried leaves supported with stabiliser.
Tree stump: Fabric tie dyed with potassium permanganate. Threads, yarns and fabric couched onto the surface.
Lichen encrusted bark: Naturally dyed yarns and threads stitched onto fake fur, painted with acryllic paints
Autumn decay: Leaves made from painted Tyvec and shaped with a heat gun. Hand embroidered “fungi” stitched to the surfaces

Frosty autumn leaves: Leaves dyed and pressed onto fabric and then covered in acrylic wax. Frosted “veins” and edges made by couching.

Fungi: Bark made from cotton wool, painted with acrylic paint. Hand embroidered “fungi” added in the crevices.
Rough old bark: Made by wrapping knotted yarns over a metal frame and stabilising with stitch
Copse on a Hill: Layered organzas on a painted background with genuine dried grasses in the foreground.

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