My Original Fabric Pencil Case Design

In the beginning……… I experimented a lot (and I mean a lot!), in order to develop an original way of making small pencil cases. I was one of those people who always had a pen or pencil in my bag and probably another in my pocket, but where, exactly? So, how could I make something attractive that would keep these “wandering” pens and pencils in a place I could easily find them? That was the question.

This idea then grew to be a collection of fabric handbag or pocket accessories. The types of accessories themselves aren’t an original idea, but the way I make them is. Originality is important to me. It’s something that can make an artist/crafter stand out in the crowd and feel proud of their achievements.

First I sourced some cute new fabrics and added some vintage and retro fabrics from my own stash. Once I had nailed the design and process and made cardboard templates to make cutting out easier, I was away!

My Range

I use the same original design as described here to make all of the following. You can browse my collection and buy them in my Etsy shop

  • Pen and pencil cases – also great for crochet hooks, paintbrushes, make up, manicure items and a host of other small things
  • Coin purses which can also double as credit card or store card holders
  • Mobile phone cases. These are versatile accessories useful for such a big range of other things too. Such as: a tissues case, a tea bag holder for those travellers who need to have their favourite cuppa to hand! Or a travelling sewing case. The options are endless.
  • Glasses and sunglasses cases
  • E reader cases

And to add more versatility to the collection I use the same fabrics, but a different process to make:

  • Passport covers
  • A5, A6, and A7 refillable notebook covers
  • A7 refillable jotter covers

This also provides additional variations for people to purchase two or more matching items as a set,

My Process to make a Pencil Case

I make all my accessories, including this pencil case, from two different fabrics. One is a patterned fabric, and one a complementary, plain fabric. I line them with interfacing to give them strength and they only require two seams to complete them.

First, I cut out the two pieces of fabric and the two pieces of interfacing. In this case I’m making a pen/pencil case. But like all my accessories, it can also be used for other things, like crochet hooks or paint brushes

I sew the first seam which is simply to join the two pieces of fabric, wrong sides together along one of the shorter sides. This will form the bottom of the pencil case.

Next I add the interfacing to each side and make a kind of packet, ready to stitch. Then I pin this and make a curved line at the top. This will be folded down in the final pencil case to form the closure.

Ready to stitch!

Then I stitch the single seam that holds the whole accessory together and forms its shape, leaving the base of the “packet” open. This is where I will turn the pencil case out.

The first turn out still leaves the base open so another turn……and those raw edges are hidden inside the pen/pencil case

To finish the case, I top stitch all around the edge.

I sew a piece of hook and loop to the fold over flap and to the main body of the pen/pencil case to fasten it.

I choose a decorative button to stitch on the flap.

Finishing Off the Pencil Case

Finally I add a few pens and/or pencils to each and they are ready to go! With a pencil case like this it’s so much better to always have a pen or pencil at hand when out and about, rather than scrapping around in your pockets or handbag, hoping that you’ll find one at the bottom!

They also make brilliant gifts, singly or with other accessories in my range, for so many different occasions: birthdays, Christmas and other holiday events, Mother’s Day, end of year teachers gifts, get well, general thank you gifts, and so many more! You can buy them all in my Etsy shop

What some of my customers have said about my pen/pencil cases:

★★★★★ The cases were so pretty and well made, very pleased with them. The added pens were a lovely bonus.

★★★★★ Love this! I looked all over for a case small enough to put one pen in as a gift. This looks special and is really well made. Very pleased with it.

★★★★★ Beautiful little pen case. Love it. Very well made and pretty.
Would purchase more items. Arrived quickly. A really nice gesture by adding some free pens too. Thank you x

★★★★★ Perfect fit for a make up brush I wanted a case for! Loved the extras inside too, lovely gift ready to give and in my opinion very versatile – thank you xx

★★★★★ Use this for my crochet hooks. Well made. Thank you

★★★★★ Love this adorable pencil pouch! Very well made! Shipping was super fast too! So happy with my purchase!

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