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On one side of the quilt....

There are 4 log cabins made from a jelly roll of farmyard patterns with 4 animal pictures cut from a piece of fabric and pieced together in the centre of each. 

With the leftover bits from the fabric that I had used to make the centres of the log cabins I made 12 little soft toys, each with a rattle, bell or squeaker inside and filled with wadding.

Toby quickly learned to shake or squeeze these and learned to throw them indoors where nothing could get broken!

At 18 months he has started to match these to the pictures on the front of the quilt.


And on the other side...

I cut some letters, numbers and animals from coloured cotton fabric and appliqued them onto the quilt with free machine stitching

I had plenty of the plain fabric left over so I made some additional animals. I used Decovil 1 to stiffen them and put a different coloured fabric on each side.

Another matching game for Toby which he is learning fast!

And finally, with all the patterned scraps and the excess background and sashing fabric, I made a bag to keep the quilt in, with a pocket each side for the toys.